Takeaway Cups

Takeaway Coffee

Take your coffee to go in our signature blue cup or bring your own reusable cup and save 20c


Batch Brews

Fresh filter coffee brewed all day, everyday.


Rotating Roasters

Every week we feature a different roaster for our filter coffee, long black and espresso because we simply love single origin coffee.



Weekly tasting (and spitting) to make sure you're getting the best extraction from each and every bean!


House Blend

All our milk coffees are made on the timeless and delicious Killer Bee Blend from our good friends at Single Origin Roasters


Pretty Pictures

It's called latte "art" for a reason. We make a point of perfecting it. 


Specialty Coffee

We offer some fun stuff along side the classics, like our Espresso Dark and Stormy with ginger beer, orange and two shots of espresso.